When it comes to getting those fluttering eyelashes we offer you the two best treatments in the market. First – Eyelash Extensions and second – spells equivalent magic for the Lash Lift beauty treatment.

But how to choose the best one is the main question!

Well, our experts say that it’s not about the best treatment but the most suited to the look you want and the type of lashes you have. Today, we will help you pick the right one that will make you stand out from the crowd.

Basic difference between Eyelash Extension and Eyelash Lift

The core aim of both the treatments is to add length, volume and alluring beauty to your lashes, they are fundamentally different.

In the eyelash extension treatment, individual artificial lash extensions are bonded with your natural lashes with a medical grade glue to make them look feathery and fuller. Sometimes lashes are even given a darker tint to create density.

On the other hand, a lash lift is a method of curling and perming of your natural lashes to make them appear fuller and longer.

So, people use eyelash lift to get an enhanced look for their eyes and opt for eyelash extensions if they want to dramatize their eyes. But it all melts-down to your preference.

Pros and Cons of Eyelash Extension –

Pros – Lash extensions are a wonderful thing for a woman, especially if her lashes are short having light color. A properly done extension can lengthen and give volume to a woman’s thin lashes making them appear fuller with a dramatic look. sThe tinted version will add density and make the eyes pop-up.

Cons–As applying lash extensions is super intricddate job, it will require you to hire a well experienced expert for the task. If it is wrongly done you will end up making your lashes appear clumsy and un-symmetrical. One more drawback attached to it is that they are high maintenance, and you will need a touch-up after every month.

Pros and Cons of Lash Lift for Long Lashes –

Pros– The core benefit is that your lashes look absolutely naturally curled. The Lash Lift process sorts out the untamed twisted lashes and makes them neat and symmetrical and more manageable. Moreover, lash lifts are not that high maintenance, and will require you to get a session after 8-10 weeks.

Cons – If you have short lashes you probably can’t get them lifted with the desired effect. There are natural limitations that you can’t do anything about.

How to choose the right one?

Every pair of eyelashes is different in shape, density, length and color. Some have long batting naturally curled lashes that add charm to their eyes, and some have barely-there ones. Moreover, it depends on what type of look you want. For a natural look a lash lift will suit the best, and if you are in love with the drama an eyelash extension will surely be a wonderful thing. For the barely there lashes we suggest you should opt for Lash Extensions as it will give you denser volume and lovely curls making your eyes look radiant than before.

So, at the end it’s your choice what you pick to make your eyes stand out.