Eyelash extensions are fantastic at bringing out the natural elegance in a woman’s face. It opens the eyes, giving an energetic and youthful look to the wearer.  Extensions are made of different materials that are light and soft, and it has a natural curl.  These are costliest and luxurious of all the extensions. 

The Lash plus Pre-Treatment for Eyelash Extensions help the lashes remain healthy while also treating the extensions to appear beautiful and give the required effect. 

Individuals looking to increase their skills are interested in lash courses, allow them to learn new skills and improve.  If this is you, our Online Volume Lash Course will help.

How are the extensions different than false eyelashes?

The extensions are quite different from false eyelashes. While the false eyelashes are readily available in-store and easier to use, extensions are difficult to use on own. False lashes are where the strands are connected to one band, which makes them appear very artificial. Unlike them, the extensions are glued on the eyelashes for giving it a more natural look. False lashes could be used for two weeks, but it needs to be removed every night before going to sleep. Unlike them, the extensions last for eight weeks but need to be refilled every 3-4 weeks. There is also no need of removing the extensions during the night. Even false lashes are not resistant to water while extensions are resistant to water. 

Are there other advantages of eyelashes as well?

Yes, there are other advantages to eyelash extensions. These make the lashes appear longer, thicker and fuller naturally. So with lashes, there is no need for eye makeup. So it is time-saving as well. You can select the extension which perfectly suits your face and eyes. You can get your extensions put from a professional. 

If you want to do the extensions by yourself, then you can acquire professional products from us. The Salon Professional Lash Tweezers for Sale Online is there with us. 

These tweezers can be chosen as per your need. These products have unique innovations, specifically designed for salon professionals, to increase speed and improve styling. For instance, the Shop Lash + Volume Master Tweezers is one such product that needs your focus. It can add volume and helps the lash to acquire the shape you need. 

 So what are you waiting for? Give your clients lashes the elegance they need by purchasing our salon professional products from us.