The information present on the internet about the eyelash extension is full of myths and misnomers. That’s why we have created this guide here. We will debunk all these myths and provide you with a detailed explanation of everything you need to know about eyelash extensions. Let’s start:-

Eyelashes are a lifestyle:- this is a very common misconception that once you get the lash extension, it will remain set for forever, even if you don’t need to think about them again. This is not true; make yourself one thing very clear before getting the eyelash extension that these extensions require maintenance. A good volume of eyelashes seems attractive, so make sure you follow the regular fill-in concept.

Over time damage to the original eyelashes:- It is a common misconception that eyelash extension can damage your eyelashes over time. But it is completely false. Lash extension is the precise and careful synthetic addition that compliments your natural lashes to varying degrees depending on the look you want to go for. On the other hand, a lash extension is an extension, so it will never replace your natural lashes. Besides, it is vital to understand if your lash extensions are applied correctly because if it is, it will not interrupt the natural flow of the eyelashes and how they grow. However, adverse effects can be seen if the application is incorrect.

Fact about the oils:- Facial creams and oils don’t play nice with the adhesive used in the lash extensions. Therefore you can best avoid it by using substances like cleansers and lotions that are oil-based.  It is quite famous in the beauty and lashes extension industry that most oil-based creams/cleansers degrade your lash extension and damage your natural lashes. It is similar to how mascara leaves an adverse impact on your lash extension. Here is the science behind it, with the introduction of oils in other forms like eye cream or cleaner, gently breakdown adhesive that is heavy lifting your precisely done eyelashes extensions.

Be thoughtful about your day to day life:- Many people think that once the lash extension is done, you can easily go back to your typical fashion days. But it is worth noting that eyelash extension is a major investment that you have made in yourself; therefore, you should be mindful of the techniques to protect it. Exposing your lashes to situations or abrasive surfaces is not at all good whether you have eyelash extension or not. However, the extreme temperature will not adversely impact your lashes if you have your extensions on. Still, regular use of the mild temperature to curl your lashes, and you should be conscious of the condition.

Lash extensions should be washed and cleaned: With the delicacy of glued lashes, many people think that the use of face cleansers and water are not an appropriate option to clean them. But this is completely false; in fact, people are encouraged to keep their extensions clean to make the lashes look fresh and healthy. However, the facial cleanser must be extension friendly for the best result, and lastly, don’t rub eyes too hard.