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Laser Lash Pro
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Laser Lash Pro stands at the forefront of eyelash extension technology, representing a paradigm shift in the art of eyelash extensions. It is implementing innovative approaches to eyelash extension applications by combining exclusive adhesive formulations and an integrated LED lighting system.


Over 3,000 happy customers!

The future of eyelash extensions is here!

Reduce Risk

Enjoy the experience of reduced likelihood of irritation and allergic reactions compared to traditional extensions.

Long Lasting

Enjoy the sustained lifespan of eyelash extensions.


Attract innovative customers seeking new and long-lasting eyelash extensions to secure a competitive advantage.

Enhance Profit

Introducing this premium service can significantly boost the revenue stream of your beauty salon.


You can engage in activities right after applying eyelashes – take a shower, go swimming, or hit the gym.


There are no restrictions on the use of skincare products.

"You will love it!"

“LED-applied Lashes are the new normal, and I tried many devices, including floor lamps and clips. However, my clients and friends were concerned by the light and heat.  This is why we developed Laser Lash Pro, the safest solution available.”

Kiyoe Tagawa

World Champion Eyelash Artist

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Welcome to Lash Plus!

Experience the power of innovation and a high-quality product range

Here at Lash Plus, we are where innovation and excellence in eyelash extensions meet. We take great pride in being recognized as a leading force in the industry as innovators of premium products. Our esteemed reputation as a premier eyelash product supplier is firmly grounded in our unwavering commitment to delivering the highest quality professional lash products. These products are specifically tailored to meet the unique needs of professional lash artists like yourself.

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Over 3,000 happy customers!

Accelerated Results with our cutting-edge LED light ensure complete curing in under 3 seconds, thanks to innovative technology utilizing unique adhesives and application methods for a faster, more efficient lash application.

With unmatched endurance, thanks to the formidable Laser Pro technology, enjoy a remarkable 50% increase in lash retention. Laser Lash Pro’s application boasts exceptional longevity, standing strong for an extended period like never before.

Enhanced safety with our advanced technology, Laser Lash Pro operates on low power, producing minimal heat and light. Feel secure in your treatments as we prioritize your well-being, significantly reducing the risk of allergic reactions.

Streamlined efficiency, Laser Lash Pro’s compact design optimizes workspace utilization, providing a space-saving solution. Compatible with almost all tweezers, it guarantees a rapid and precise eyelash application, aligning seamlessly with your need for efficiency.

– Power Consumption: Low power consumption for energy efficiency – 60 milliwatts out.
– Light Source: Utilizes advanced LED technology for precise and effective illumination.
– Exposure Time: Full curing in less than 3 seconds for rapid application.
– Durability: Unique combination of adhesive and LED technology for long-lasting results.
– Design: Compact and space-efficient design for optimal workspace utilization.
– Compatibility: Compatible with various brands of tweezers, allowing versatile eyelash application.
– Safety Features: Prioritizes customer safety with minimal heat and light emission.
– Innovation: Integrating innovative technology for a safe, fast, and robust eyelash application experience.

1. Prepare Workspace:
– Ensure that the workspace is clean and organized.
– Prepare all necessary tools, including Laser Lash Pro.

2. Client Consultation:
– Initiate a consultation to understand the client’s preferences and sensitive areas.

3. Application Preparation:
– Use Tweezer with Laser Lash Pro to pick up and apply the unique adhesive to the eyelashes.

4. Eyelash Placement:
– Use Laser Lash Pro – to place each eyelash extension carefully.

5. Curing Process:
– Expose the eyelashes to advanced LED light for less than 3 seconds for complete curing.

6. Repeat if Necessary:
– Repeat the process for each eyelash until the desired look is achieved.

7. Post-Application Care:
– Provide post-care instructions to the customer for long-lasting results.

Remember to follow safety guidelines and recommended practices for optimal results and customer satisfaction.

Why people love Lash Plus

Where innovation meets excellence, Lash Plus! Our advanced LED technology ensures safer, faster, and longer-lasting eyelash extensions. Experience unprecedented precision and efficiency like never before.

April Nam


Discovering Lash Plus has brought about big changes for me. The eyelashes applied using this device are not only beautiful but long lasting. The application is fast and comfortable, and the extensions have a long-lasting effects that went beyond my expectations. I highly recommend Lash Plus for the ultimate eyelash experience!

Nari Park


As an eyelash technician, Lash Plus has become a staple in my toolkit. Thanks to the advanced LED technology, rapid curing is possible, making the application process quick and precise. It works with all of my tweezers. My clients love it!

June Lee


Being a new trend to eyelash extensions, I was initially worried, but thanks to Lash Plus, the experience was fantastic. The low heat and quick curing process provided a comfortable experience for my clients. The eyelashes look natural yet glamorous, and I received many compliments. I’m delighted to recommend Laser Lash Pro!

Jennie Kim


Integrating Lash Plus into our salon was a great decision. The efficiency and versatility it offers has improved my work. Customers love the long-lasting effects of the eyelashes and the quick application process. Lash Plus has elevated our standards and resulted in higher customer satisfaction. It’s a must-have product for every salon!

The introduction of our CEO - the face behind Lash Plus.

Kiyoe Tagawa

We are proud to introduce the visionary leader guiding the success of Lash Plus – our CEO, Kiyoe Tagawa . With a passion for innovation and a keen eye for industry trends, she has played a crucial role in positioning Lash Plus as a frontrunner in the world of eyelash extensions.

Known for her outstanding excellence and dedication to pushing boundaries, she has led Lash Plus through innovative developments. Under her leadership, Lash Plus has become synonymous with quality, efficiency, and customer satisfaction.

Her steadfast vision has not only led to the company’s success but also set new standards in the beauty industry. Her leadership continues to drive Lash Plus in dedicating itself to providing cutting-edge solutions and innovating the technology of eyelash extensions.

As the face behind Lash Plus, Kiyoe Tagawa embodies the spirit of innovation, passion, and persistent excellence that defines the brand. Join us in congratulating this visionary leader who continues to shape the future of eyelash technology.

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