When people invest time, patience, and money to get the finest eyelash extensions, they certainly want something that lasts longer. In the worse scenario, eyelash extensions will start coming from your face. That’s why it is essential to make sure that your eyelash extensions are well maintained and cleaned. Because if you are not careful enough, then it could result in failing out. You may be wondering how to keep your lash extensions clean so that nothing can worse happen. Here in this post, we will share step by step guide to care and clean for eyelash extension; please have a look:-

Remove makeup around and on your eyes:-  It is recommended to use oil-free makeup remover to remove the cosmetic present on and around your eye. For instance, if you want to remove eyeliner, use a soft and clean makeup brush or a lip applicator with the form cleanser before using them around the lashes and skin. Don’t use cotton buds because the fluff can trap into eyelashes, and it will be incredibly difficult to remove it.

Remove the base make up from your face: If you are among those who tend to wear a lot of foundation daily, you need to remove it first. For its removal, it is suggested to use a cleanser but keep them away from the eyes as several foundation removers contain some oil or purely oil-based at the very least.

Wash eyelashes properly:- For this, you need to wet your lashes and eyes with some cool water but not hot water. Then take a pinch of shampoo and lash cleaning brush and create lather in the palm of your hand. After this, apply it to your eyes and brush your lashes gently. You have to repeat this step until or unless your eyes and eyelashes feel refreshed and clean.

Wash and dry your eyelashes:- After washing your eyes off with shampoo, all acquired makeup and dirt will be removed from the area and your eyelashes. But when it comes to drying, you need to be extra careful as you have to avoid rubbing them, pat or dab with the help of soft tissue paper gently.

Brush the lashes:- This is the final part of eyelash cleaning; you need to brush your lashes with the help of lashes brushh gently. Make sure you brush your eyelashes when they have become dry. But if they are still wet, you have to dry them properly with the cold setting on your hairdryer.

Follow the above-shared step at least two times a day; morning and evening are the best time to gain amazing results.

Some people still think that by keeping their lash extensions away from the water, they ensure their longer stay, but it is completely false. On the other hand, it will leave an adverse impact. Your extensions will soon start to fall out then you avoid their regular cleaning. You have to prevent the use of the water in the first 24 hours of the extension or according to the instruction of the technician, but this doesn’t mean that you have to keep away extensions from the water forever.

Cleaning plays an important role in lash extension. Therefore, it is not suggestive of avoiding cleaning or using improper cleaning techniques for this task, as they may damage your extension. Besides this, the irritations, potential infections and poor lash growth.