The aura, a woman can create by her fluttering long lashes, can mesmerize the entire room of people. Expressing your feeling via your eyes makes you even more irresistible. And with the mask covering our smiles, our eyes come in the focus even more. In this article we will walk you through some of the pro tips to keep in mind while getting lash extensions and the 2021 top lash trends.

What are Lash Extensions and what to do before coming for sessions?

They are artificial extensions that are applied on your natural lashes to add volume, extend and darken your lashes. Do not wear make-up before the session.

Difference between full-set and partial type of extensions

Full-set means that each eye lash will get an extension, whereas partial-set gives a subtle look as it is mainly applied to the lashes at outer corners of the eyes. Women opt for it as it gives the chic cat-eye look.

The Silk and the Mink difference

Can you wear eye make-up after the application?

Yes, you can easily do your eye-make up and mascara, but do not you oil based products as it reduces the life of the extensions. Also use an oil-free water based make-up remover.

Do I need an eyelash curler?

No need as lash extensions curls on their own. You can apply mascara for a dramatic polish look.

Can I go for gym-workouts, swimming, or take a shower?

Absolutely Yes! Do apply caution though. Wait for 24 hours after application before you get your lashes wet, and give 48 hours before you hit the steam/sauna bath.

How long do they last, and what to do if I want them removed?

Good quality formaldehyde-free extension glue will last 4 to 6 weeks. Normally, natural lashes out-grow and shed the extensions. We recommend our clients to visit after 4 weeks for reapplication of outgrown lashes.

If you want them removed, our expert will do it for you easily without damaging your natural lashes.

What to do/ not to do?

Top 3 Lash Trends 2021

Long lashes bring your eyes to life, and here are the lash trends topping the popularity charts this year.

Extreme Volume Lashes – To give you that Hollywood glam look the lash stylists bond up-to 5 lashes to each natural lash for that Russian style volume. Your natural lashes will be extended 1-2 millimeters adding intensity to your eyes.

Textures Lashes–The experts artistically mixes lashes of various curls, diameters, and length to create for your eyes a feathery look without making the lashes appear fake.

Hybrid Lashes– It is the symmetric combination of the classic set and volume lashes. You get a fuller look than the classic set but without the featheriness of the volume set. So, as a client you can set the level of volume of your choice.