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Mastering Volume Eyelash Extensions online course.

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Welcome to Lash Plus Academy, where you will discover everything you need to excel in offering premium services to your customers while receiving the essential support to achieve resounding success. Our step-by-step course is thoughtfully designed to take you through various lash techniques, equipping you with a comprehensive skill set. Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced eyelash artist, you’ll be fully prepared to deliver exceptional volume lash services to your clients upon completing the course. Unlock the potential to increase your earnings and stand out by producing stunning lash sets that keep your clients returning for more. Whether you’re new to the industry or already have experience, our training presents an excellent opportunity for personal and professional growth. Why Choose Lash Plus Academy? Our courses are crafted by Kiyoe, a globally acclaimed eyelash artist with multiple awards to her name. She is the visionary behind the renowned ‘KikiLashes’ salon brand in Sydney and serves as the Principal Lash Designer and Trainer at Lash Plus Academy. With over 10 years of experience and expertise, Kiyoe’s knowledge is unparalleled. Our Volume Lash training is the most detailed and comprehensive course available in one location. The course modules cover all the crucial aspects you need to succeed in this exciting industry. You’ll learn simple yet effective Volume Lash techniques, discover premium services to introduce and witness a remarkable boost in your confidence and skills. The value of our Course is remarkable, totalling over $15,000, which includes: – Over 10 years of lash business experience: $5,000 – Downloadable Practice Sheets: $200 – Potential to earn an additional income: $5,000 – Learn on-demand, anytime: $1,000 – Tips from a world champion: $5,000 However, we are delighted to offer you an exclusive Special Offer Price of only $649 for this exceptional training. Don’t miss this chance to elevate your lash career and become a true industry standout. Enroll in our course now and unlock the doors to success with Lash Plus Academy!


Module 1

  • Success takes passion
  • Learning outcomes
  • Active vs. Passive learning

Module 2

  • Tweezers
  • Placing eye pads properly
  • Importance of pre-treatment
  • Glue – Control your environment
  • Health and Safety
  • Causes of Irritation
  • Eyelash Isolation

Module 3

What are volume lashes?
  • Eyelash curl and length
  • The difference in Russian Volume and Mega Volume
  • Golden rules
  • Understanding lash diameter
  • Correct amount of Volume
  • Benefits of Volume lashes business
  • Simple but clever marketing

Module 4

Correct fan – importance of consistency
  • Fan consistency
  • Wide vs. narrow fans
  • Avoiding Fan mistakes
  • Handmade fans vs. Pre-made fans

Module 5

Fan technique
  • On the strip methods
  • Off the strip methods
  • Lash pallet set up

Module 6

Seamless base – important of picking up
  • Spiral base
  • Importance of lash base
  • How to correctly hold tweezers
  • Correct Pick up
  • Where to Pick up
  • How to Pick up
  • How to fix the Base

Module 7

Correct Glue Dipping
  • Glue dome
  • Glue Dipping
  • The right amount of the glue
  • Importance of glue width

Module 8

Sponge/Training sheet practice
  • How to be better

Module 9

Wrapping application
  • Lash Wrapping
  • Cross view of wrapping application
  • Common inaccurate application
  • Incorrect application
  • Prevent volume fans from closing
  • Fix closed fans

Module 10

  • Lash mapping
  • Eye shape – Every client is different
  • Importance of mapping with open eyes
  • Symmetry
  • How to deal with asymmetry eyes
  • The direction of lash placement
  • Design with protractor tweezers

Module 11

How to make a perfect topline
  • Eyelash layer
  • Perfect line
  • Enhancing the eyeliner effect to create density

Module 12

Direction & distance from eyelid
  • Inner & outer corner application
  • Distance from eyelid – Correct attachment
  • Infill’s
  • Check your lash work with our protractor tweezer

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