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Laser Lash Pro is a new eyelash extension system that requires LED technology to cure the glue. This system has been developed by scientists and engineers using the latest technology. This is a revolution in eyelash extensions, which will be a NEW NORMAL, just like the Gel nail became the client’s first choice!

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Laser Lash Pro

Introducing Laser Lash Pro, the new standard in eyelash extensions that fulfils salon and client needs.

Laser Lash Pro is the latest eyelash extension technology that benefits both lash salons and clients. It utilizes dedicated glue and an LED light for the most advanced lash application technique.

The glue instantly cures by applying the LED light, eliminating sticking to neighbouring lashes and reducing application time. Additionally, the complete curing process reduces the release of formaldehyde, minimizing allergic reactions and preventing issues.

*Note: While allergic reactions are not eliminated, individuals with allergies or high sensitivity should conduct a patch test. The glue used is In-cyano, which ensures long-lasting results.

The Laser Lash Pro light is a revolutionary LED lash attachment that fits any tweezer. It allows a precise pinpoint application, eliminating the need to cover the eyelids. (For those concerned, the kit includes eye patches for optional use.)

The light emits visible light, posing no harm to the human body.

Laser Lash Pro LED Expert Kit includes:

  • Laser Lash Pro LED system
  • Stylist Carry case
  • International Plug Adaptor, suitable for your country
  • 100 LED Glue (5ml)
  • Cyano·Free LED Lash Glue (5ml)
  • LED Glue Remover
  • Volume Master Tweezers
  • Volume Pre-made 4D Fans (8mm~11mm, length may vary depending on stock)
  • Digital Application Manual
  • Downloadable Promotional Images & Videos
  • Access to Comprehensive LED Lashes Online Training Videos
  • Digital Certificate of Completion

Benefits for Salons

Beginners welcome! You can introduce it as a new service.

There is no need to attend lengthy training sessions, expert training included.

Increased revenue per service.

Be different! Opportunity to attract new customers.

Keep up with industry trends - don't get left behind.

Benefits for Clients

Excellent longevity.

You can go to the gym or swim immediately after the procedure.

No restrictions on skincare products.

Reduced risk of irritation and allergic reactions.

Stand out from competing salons and ensure long-term loyalty by offering "long-lasting" eyelash extensions. Laser Lash Pro provides strong adhesion that won't come off until removal, offering 1.5 to 2 times the longevity of traditional extensions.

Advantages of Tweezer LED Light

Pinpoint illumination with high precision.

It can be alternately attached to left and right tweezers.

Compatible with any tweezers.

Enables quick and accurate Lash application.


Portable with carry case.

Disadvantages of Tweezer LED Light

It requires attachment to tweezers, which may initially feel slightly different, but it is lightweight and easy to get used to.

LED Expert Course Content

Welcome To The Laser Lash Pro Course
We delve into the cutting-edge world of UV LED technology to elevate your salon's lash extension game. This comprehensive course is designed to equip salon professionals and their clients with the essential knowledge needed to master the art of lash extensions using the safest LED system available.

Benefits For Salons And Customers
Discover the advantages of incorporating UV LED technology into your salon's lash extension services. From enhanced safety measures to longer-lasting applications, both salons and customers stand to benefit significantly.

What Is UV LED?
Uncover the science behind UV LED technology and its revolutionary impact on the lash extension industry. Gain insights into the unique features that set UV LED apart from traditional stand lamps.

Comparison With Stand Lamps
Explore a detailed comparison between UV LED systems and stand lamps to understand why Laser Lash Pro is the superior choice for modern salons. Learn how this technology transforms the lash extension experience for technicians and clients.

What Is Visible Light?
Dive into the fundamentals of visible light and its role in applying lash extensions. Understand how this aspect contributes to achieving impeccable results.

What Is UV Light?
Get acquainted with the properties of UV light and its significance in the realm of lash extensions. Learn how UV light plays a crucial role in ensuring the safety and longevity of the application.

Essential Knowledge
Equip yourself with the fundamental knowledge to master the Laser Lash Pro technique. From understanding the science behind the technology to its practical applications, this section lays the groundwork for a successful journey.

The Safest LED System
Learn why Laser Lash Pro is recognized as the safest LED system in the industry. Explore the built-in safety measures that prioritize the well-being of both technicians and clients.

LED Glue Essential
Delve into the specifics of LED glue and its essential role in achieving seamless lash extensions. Uncover the secrets to selecting the suitable glue for optimal results.

Preparation Is Key
Master the art of preparation to ensure flawless lash extensions. From client consultation to workspace setup, discover the key steps that set the stage for success.

LED Glue Coating
Explore the intricacies of LED glue coating techniques that elevate your lash extension applications. Learn the art of precision and finesse to create stunning, long-lasting results.

LED Glue Dipping
Dive into the technique of LED glue dipping and discover how it enhances the adherence and longevity of lash extensions. Uncover tips and tricks for achieving perfect dips every time.

LED Lash Removal
Gain expertise in the safe and efficient removal of LED lashes. Understand the process and best practices to ensure a smooth experience for technicians and clients.

Long-Lasting 2D Application
Explore the secrets behind creating long-lasting 2D lash applications using the Laser Lash Pro technique. Elevate your skillset to offer clients impeccable and durable results.

Premade Fan
Explore the adaptability of premade fans designed for various lash extension requirements. Gain insights into the diverse options available and understand their compatibility with LED lash extensions, ensuring a tailored and effective approach to your application techniques.

Increase Sales And Revenue
Discover strategies to boost sales and revenue by incorporating Laser Lash Pro techniques. From revenue tips to enhancing client satisfaction, capitalize on the potential for business growth.

Q & A
Engage in a comprehensive question-and-answer session to clarify doubts and deepen your understanding of the Laser Lash Pro technique. Our expert instructors are here to provide guidance and ensure your success in mastering this innovative approach to lash extensions.


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