Long-lasting, precise, and safe eyelash extensions through rapid-curing LED technology and advanced adhesives.

"You will love it!"

“LED-applied Lashes are the new normal, and I tried many devices, including floor lamps and clips. However, my clients and friends were concerned by the light and heat.  This is why we developed Laser Lash Pro, the safest solution available.”

Kiyoe Tagawa

World Champion Eyelash Artist


Accelerated Results

Our cutting-edge LED light ensures complete curing in under 3 seconds, thanks to innovative technology utilizing unique adhesives and application methods for a faster, more efficient lash application.

Unmatched Endurance

Thanks to the formidable Laser Pro technology, enjoy a remarkable 50% increase in lash retention. Laser Lash Pro's application boasts exceptional longevity, standing strong for an extended period like never before.

Enhanced Safety

With our advanced technology, Laser Lash Pro operates on low power, producing minimal heat and light. Feel secure in your treatments as we prioritize your well-being, significantly reducing the risk of allergic reactions.

Nari Park


As an eyelash technician, Lash Plus has become a staple in my toolkit. Thanks to the advanced LED technology, rapid curing is possible, making the application process quick and precise. It works with all of my tweezers. My clients love it!

June Lee


Being a new trend to eyelash extensions, I was initially worried, but thanks to Lash Plus, the experience was fantastic. The low heat and quick curing process provided a comfortable experience for my clients. The eyelashes look natural yet glamorous, and I received many compliments. I’m delighted to recommend Laser Lash Pro!


Don't Get Left Behind – Eyelash Innovators

Welcome to Lash Plus, where innovation meets excellence in eyelash extensions. As industry trailblazers, we pride ourselves on being recognized for product innovation. Our reputation as a leading supplier is built on a commitment to delivering top-quality Professional Lash products for Pro Lash Artists like you. Our luxury eyelash supplies are born from collaboration with award-winning technicians and meet the highest standards. As Lash Artists, we understand your challenges. Our mission is to empower you to achieve more by working smarter, not harder, through innovation and cutting-edge technologies. With a focus on progress, we enhance your lash extension experience, allowing you to unleash creativity with the most advanced products. Join us on this transformation journey with Lash Plus, your trusted partner in pursuing perfection.


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Unlock the Diamond Access advantage exclusively designed for our valued partners, ambassadors, trainers, and salon owners. Elevate your experience as a preferred customer, ensuring optimal value from our premium range. Join today to enjoy exclusive content and pricing tailored for you as well as access to our exclusive community.


Lash Plus Academy

Immerse yourself in our expertise, focusing on LED-applied and volume eyelash extensions. We are dedicated to nurturing highly skilled, confident, and successful Lash Stylists. Explore our extensive selection of eyelash extension supplies and exceptional lash extension training programs designed to enhance your capabilities and boost your confidence in the industry.

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